Equine Assisted Teambuilding

Equine Assisted Teambuilding

Increase productivity and reach the full potential of your staff

Unleash the full power of your organization by empowering the individual. Enable your organization to maximize its productivity and quality with an Equine Assisted Teambuilding event.

Equine Assisted Teambuilding provides:

Exciting, interesting and proven effective method to help participants

  • think outside the box,
  • look at problems in new ways,
  • be creative in problem solving,
  • broaden awareness of communication
  • explore alternate methods of interaction.
  • develop leadership

As opposed to stressful ropes courses or boring motivational speakers, teambuilding with horses is exciting, unique and interesting.

Participants receive feedback from horses which are able to respond to subtleties of human body language and emotions

Co-facilitator, Ed Dabney, a Certified Horse Professional with 10 years experience in the EAL field, having conducted many EAL teambuilding events. References are available. (For more info visit http://www.eddabney.com/psychotherapy.htm )

  • Gentle horses that are experienced in this type of activity.
  • Beautiful facility in which to hold the event featuring a large indoor arena, meeting area, restroom and ample parking.
  • Easy to find location just south of Monroe, GA; 10 minutes north of I-20; one hour drive from Atlanta; half hour drive from Athens.
  • During your teambuilding event, the participants will have fun, be challenged and make constructive discoveries about themselves and their team.

Why horses?

Horses are honest teachers with personalities as varied as those of humans; therefore they react differently to each person and each action.

Horses are useful as provocative metaphors in teambuilding and leadership activities, as well as used in mental health activities.

As prey animals, horses are hyper sensitive to outside stimuli. Horses give immediate and uncensored feedback.

Horses are sensitive to nonverbal stimulus and therefore provide valuable and visible lessons in nonverbal communication.

Horses recognize the most subtle behavior of people including posture, expressions and emotions. They are experts at reading and responding to body language.

They seem to sense a person’s level of trust, confidence, awareness, and interpersonal skills. Therefore, horses offer us an opportunity to learn what we need to change to succeed in personal and professional relationships.

Horses have much to teach us about patterns of communication, behavior and relationships. Through exercises with horses you’ll gain immediate and honest feedback as the horse mirrors human behavior and emotions.The University of Georgia, Terry College of Business has incorporated our events in their MBA Leadership Workshops annually since 2009.

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Just because horses are used in these exercises does not mean our program has anything to do with horseback riding or horsemanship instruction. In fact the exercises are most beneficial to groups who have little or no previous horse experience.